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Our Team

We have collectively decades of experience in real estate and we flat out get the job done.  When someone decides to sell their house to us, they’re trusting our team to make sure it gets closed on time, with no hassle and no surprises.  Quite simply we’re the best at what we do.

Jared Sandel


I’m a husband and father who transplanted from Cleveland, OH to Florida in 2006. I got my start in real estate in 2011 when the market was still recovering from the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. It was a crazy time for the entire country, but especially here in Florida where the crash hit the hardest. Pictured with me is my loving wife DeAnn and son Meyer.

I consider it an absolute privilege to work with homeowners looking for a simple, AS-IS cash sale of their home.

Ben Bukovec

Transaction Coordinator

Ben is also a Cleveland transplant who comes from 4 generations of family butchers. Although he still remains passionate about all things meat, he’s found his true calling in real estate. Anyone who meets Ben immediately likes him. He’s just one of those guys who easy and fun to be around. I feel extremely lucky to work with him.

Joe Sanson

Acquisitions Manager

Joe is impossible not to like. He’s always smiling and friends with everybody. He a man of integrity and incredibly passionate about helping people get the BEST cash offer on their home. I’ve known Joe since high school and it’s an honor to work with him!

Martin Sandel

Funding Coordinator

Martin grew up in the son of a postal worker in Mansfield, OH. He bootstrapped his way to a law degree and ran his own law practice in Cleveland, OH for many years before trading the rocky beaches of Lake Erie for the emerald green gulf waters of the Panhandle in 2009. He has a kind, gentle, spirit and is a total softie for his 4 grandkids.

Ryan Dea

Outreach Director

Ryan is a family man y’all. He and his wife Kris currently have 7 kids (with one on the way)! He wears his heart on his sleeve and loves to joke around. He’s from the Northeast, but he can have a genuine conversation with anyone from anywhere. He’s the real deal and we love having him on our team!

Jen Taylor

Foreclosure Solutions Manager

Jennifer, a mother of six, is our dedicated division manager for tax and foreclosure sales. Her personal experience of losing a home has given her a deep sense of empathy and relatability when helping others facing similar hardships. She has a remarkable ability to connect with people, making her an invaluable member of our team.

Perla Garcia

Acquisitions Specialist

Perla is very intelligent and a straight shooter. She’s the life of the party and has an infectious smile. She’s traveled all over the world and loves her dog Brutus. She’s 5 foot-nothing, but is a martial artist in her spare time, so don’t mess with her (or her dog)! Still at the beginning of her career, the sky is truly the limit for her.

Brandon Otero

Acquisitions Specialist

Brandon is originally from Georgia.  He’s got a vibrant family with big dreams and big hearts.

His lovely wife, Monica, 27, is his partner in crime. They welcomed their little one in September of 2023, and parenthood for them has been the most incredible adventure.

Their son is the light of their lives, bringing endless joy. They’re all about family, travel, and creating unforgettable memories, and can’t wait to see and explore more of this beautiful world together.

Leo Fiocchetta

Acquisitions Specialist

Leo is all about challenges and has an open-hearted approach to life. He thrives on tackling new adventures and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Leo believes in making the most of every moment.

Diana Zubillaga

Outreach Co-Manager

Diana is a happy-go-lucky marketing ninja. She’s an incredibly fast learner who’s intelligence hides beneath her unassuming charm. We are extremely grateful for the much-needed consistency she’s brought to our marketing efforts!

Albert Sosa

Outreach Co-Manager

Albert is a loving father of two girls, a 12-year-old and a 4-year-old.  Married for 7 years to the love of his life and has been with The Friendly Home Buyer since 2021.

In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and fishing with friends. He is patient, collaborative and empathetic.

Regina Gutierrez

Outreach Specialist

Regina is a digital business undergrad. She grew up with her mom and two older sisters in a loving and supportive home full of rescued pets.  Her mom still has six dogs and a rooster. She loves music, nature, and looking at the bright side. 

Johan Rodas

Outreach Specialist

Johan is a foodie, cooking most of his food but also appreciates a good meal with good company. He loves computers, being a hardware enthusiast, and enjoys playing and modding his favorite video games. His family is his motor and friends his fuel. He loves to meet new people all around.

Ana Ramirez

Outreach Specialist

Ana is 26 years old and from Venezuela. She loves architecture, goldsmithing and knitting. When she started with The Friendly Home Buyer it was a little hard for her, but she loves learning, did her best and now enjoys it so much!

Maggie Hernandez

Outreach Specialist

Maggie is married and a mother of two boys. She enjoys the outdoors, writing, softball, and tacos!!  She’s happy to be part of this amazing company, very understanding, transparent, and trustworthy team. She’s looking forward to growing and learning new things in this company.

Cristina Villalba

Transaction Coordinator

Cristina is a business development engineer who believes in teamwork and the power of gratitude.

She enjoys working behind the scenes and is passionate about administration and analytical activities.  She likes getting things done on time.

She loves her family (husband and a little bunny) and enjoys decorating the interior of her home.

Jong Shin


Jong is the quiet hero of our company. Happy to work behind the scenes, and she keeps us organized and on task. She anticipates needs and has the efficiency of a machine! Best of all, despite her introversion, she brings us together in the most beautiful way. She is valued more than she knows.

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“I need to sell my house fast”, “I need to sell my house cash,” or even “should I sell my house cash” are all very common thoughts for the homeowners we work with.
Selling a house can seem a bit overwhelming. Just take the first step and start with a chat. Either fill out the webform, or call us at 888-713-9158.

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