Mistakes to Avoid!


Most homeowners seeking a quick cash sale fail to:

Ask for proof of funds

How can someone buy your house cash, if they don’t have the cash?

Insist on a ZERO day inspection period

Inspection periods are what’s called contingencies and they give the buyer the ability to back out of the agreement any time during that period. In most situations, a competent cash buyer should be able to complete a visual inspection and be ready to fully commit to buying your home.

Get a large enough escrow deposit - Size matters

Often times the larger a buyer’s escrow deposit, the more serious they are about buying your home. 5% is usually the minimum, with 10% being preferred.

Ask for proof of escrow

It’s your right to know if the escrow deposit has been made. If it hasn’t, something is off. Ask for an escrow letter from the title company.

Ask enough questions

If you need cash before you move, ask for it. If you need your move paid for by the buyer, ask for it. If you need to live in the house for 2 months after closing – ask for it.