Meet & Greet

Jared and Family - The Friendly Home Buyer

Jared Sandel


I’m a husband and father who transplanted from Cleveland, OH to Florida in 2006. I got my start in real estate in 2011, when the market was still recovering from the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. It was a crazy time for the entire country, but especially here Florida where the crash hit the hardest. Pictured with me is my loving wife DeAnn and son Meyer.

I consider it an absolute privilege to work with homeowners looking for a simple, AS-IS cash sale of their home.

Ben Bukovec - The Friendly Home Buyer

Ben Bukovec

Transaction Coordinator

Ben is also a Cleveland transplant who comes from 4 generations of family butchers. Although he still remains passionate about all things meat, he’s found his true calling in real estate. Anyone who meets Ben immediately likes him. He’s just one of those guys who easy and fun to be around. I feel extremely lucky to work with him.

Joe Sanson

Acquisitions Manager

Joe is impossible not to like. He’s always smiling and friends with everybody. He a man of integrity and incredibly passionate about helping people get the BEST cash offer on their home. I’ve known Joe since high school and it’s an honor to work with him!

Martin Sandel - The Friendly Home Buyer

Martin Sandel

Funding Coordinator

Martin grew up in the son of a postal worker in Mansfield, OH. He bootstrapped his way to a law degree and ran his own law practice in Cleveland, OH for many years before trading the rocky beaches of Lake Erie for the emerald green gulf waters of the Panhandle in 2009. He has a kind, gentle, spirit and is a total softie for his 4 grandkids.